Elba Information Technologies being the Sponsor of Swordplay Federation Official Journal
January/February/March 2002

Possibilities provided to the solution partners of IBM

Interpro Informatics Awards 2000, Most Successful Partnership; Consortium of ELBA, IBM, Koc System and Spark with Halkbank project

BT News, 3-9 July 2000, Page: 14

Based on a research performed by Interpro, ELBA Computer is the 17 th among the first 20 firms according to Internet service incomes.

Financial Forum Newspaper, year:3, no:945, 25.09.1999, Wednesday

Bank and Money Technologies Magazine, year:1, no:2, May – June 1999
A. It has been stated that ELBA Computer is within the project as solution partner of IBM in the “Halkbank Project”.
B. Participation of ELBA Computer to the seminar named as “Modern Informatics Solutions and Applications in Finance Sector in the beginnşng of 21 st Century” organized by Epsilon in Istanbul,

List of firms and presentations in the seminar

Financial Forum Newspaper shared the proud of getting KocSistem Award.