File Transfer Solutions

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a widely used data-movement standard. It provides an unsophisticated and straightforward way to move files to and from remote platforms. Its simplicity of operation, however, comes with a price.”

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Organizations with aging FTP solutions and increased file transfer proliferation often look to MFT solutions to support existing file transfers (FTP) and meet new requirements, such as administrating the growing number of files and systems.”

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“One particular reason MFT is noteworthy as a replacement for FTP, e-mail, and other common systems is the relatively seamless security and compliance features available, allowing organizations to enhance both without significant loss in capabilities or productivity.”

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IBM Managed File Transfer Solution is the market-leading solution for managing file transfers of any size, volume or format. The solution reduces the risks associated with FTP-based file transfer, and at the same time provides a scalable environment that supports the growth of your dynamic business network, increases your customer retention, and decreases the IT complexity of setting up and maintaining new connections.”

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Deploy FTP+ solution anywhere you are currently using FTP and gain the confidence that your information will arrive safely and reliably where it’s needed, when it’s needed, and without the need for human intervention.”

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